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Nodester Node.js hosting service adds domain mapping, multiple module install

NodesterChris Matthieu and DanBUK continue to iterate fast on their Nodester Node.js service. A bit ago they added a command-line interface to make apps even easier to deploy. The funky part was that to install a module for your Node.js app, you had to type nodester appnpm install modulename. Thankfully, they’ve made that much simpler… now you can just do:

nodester npm install modulename

Chris dropped me a note tonight to let me know that they’ve made it so that you can install multiple modules at once. For example:

nodester npm install express socket.io tropo-webapi

Another cool recent addition is the ability to map a custom domain to a Node.js app running on Nodester. Cool to see!

Nodester Continues to Improve Its Free Hosting For Node.js Apps

NodesterLooking for a way to easily try out Node.js? Or have an app idea and want a free place to host it?

I continue to be quite impressed with what Chris Matthieu is doing with his Node.js hosting service now called “Nodester“. I first wrote about the service back in January when Chris put it online and called it “NodeFu.” Since then he

All in all I think it’s rather cool what he’s doing… and he’s enabling all of us who are interested to have an easy way to play with Node.js. Fun stuff!