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Quick Way to See What Programming Languages Are Used on Github

Ever wonder what programming languages are the most popular? One way is to look at a programming community and see what is being used within that space. A large community right now in 2011 is the people using Github for git repositories (and I am one of those) and Github nicely provides a URL showing the languages in use:

When I look at the chart at the time I’m writing this post, it looks like this:


This is across 600,000+ developers and close to 1.8 million git repositories.

Given that historically many Ruby developers used git and Github, it’s not surprising to see Ruby there. With JavaScript, I have to wonder if its ranking is due to the phenomenal interest in Node.js and the heavy usage of git and Github within that community. Glad to see my old friend python hanging in there, too. The Microsoft languages like C# are missing… but then they simply may not be well represented within the Github user base.

Like any measurement this can only be taken as language popularity within the Github community. Measurement within another community would give different results. Still, the Github space is very vibrant and dynamic with lots of energy… it’s interesting to see what folks there are using.

Want The Scoop on Node.js? Listen to Herding Code 102!

herdingcode.jpgWant to understand more about this Node.js thing I’ve been writing about here? Want to learn why people are raving about it? What the community is all about? What you can do with it?

If so, you can head on over and listen to episode 102 of the Herding Code podcast. The Herding Code hosts interviewed Tim Caswell who runs the great How To Node website full of info that can help you get started and learn more about Node.js. The podcast, which runs about 50 minutes, gives some great background to Node.js, explains how it works, discusses some of the many modules used with Node.js, how Node.js is different from other languages… and so much more.

Whether you are just starting with Node.js or have been using it for quite some time, I think you’ll find this interview quite useful and interesting.

Cool stuff…