Monthly Archives: February 2011

Using PostBin to Debug Webhooks

Recently I was trying to debug a python app that ran on Scripting and made a web call back to an application on another server. I wanted to see exactly what was being sent in the HTTP POST rom Tropo to the other server… and that’s when my colleague Mark Headd pointed me over to


PostBin is very cool because literally all you do is click the “Make a PostBin” button and then you get a URL that looks like

Now you just do a HTTP POST to that URL and… ta da… the results of your post appear on the new webpage.

It’s a very cool way to debug webhooks!

P.S. Obviously there is no language limitation here. I happened to use python because that was what I was debugging, but you can use PostBin with ANY language that is sending HTTP connections.

Textastic – a great iPad code editor

Lately I have been looking for a code editor for the iPad … and am VERY impressed so far by Textastic. It is not a free app, but it has been well worth the money already. with it, i was able to very easily create the rough draft of an HTML email newsletter on my flight down to Florida… i have also done some codinv in it…

The are a range of great featurea, but the most prominent one is the simple extra row on top of the keyboard that gives you characters commonly used in programming. HUGE timesaver! as shown in the image below, you can work with multiple files… all in all I am extremely impressed. Many thanks to the friends on Twitter who suggested it!