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Want to see what I’m working on? Follow me on Github…

github.jpgIf you want to track what I’m working on for programming projects these days, the best place to go is my Github account at:

If you are also a Github user (and accounts are free), you can simply “follow” me so that my updates appear in your Github “News Feed”. Or, you can simply go back to that page from time to time. 🙂

I am a big fan of the Git version control system and I do use git for pretty much all my coding projects right now… and generally link all the public projects into Github.

Welcome to!

Welcome!  You’ve found your way to yet-another-blog maintained by Dan York. When I recently did a count, I actively write on about 14 different blogs, most of which I list here.

So why start yet another place to write?

Well, the simple answer is that I want some place to write about programming, open source software, git, Tropo and so much more.  Unfortunately that doesn’t really fit in with my main blogs of Disruptive Telephony, Disruptive Conversations or my main  I do have sites like Voxeo Developers Corner and the Tropo Blog where I can – and will – be writing… but those sites are targeted more toward services from Voxeo, the company I work for.  I want a place to write about development in general.

I sort of have that now with my Advogato account, but Advogato is pretty much the same system it was six years ago… no comments, no auto-posting to Twitter or Facebook… I want to write about coding in a more modern CMS.

So I’m here… and odds are that I’ll be importing this feed back into Advogato. 🙂

I’m still tweaking the site… messing around with the theme and CSS… so it will change.  Stay tuned for more…