Monthly Archives: November 2010

VoiceXML for Web Developers – a tutorial series


Over on the Voxeo Developers Corner blog today, I published a post about a series of tutorial articles we have there:

Want to learn VoiceXML? Check out our “VoiceXML for Web Developers” series…

We’re planning to pick the series back up and continue writing about some of the interesting apps you can build using VoiceXML. (And if you have no idea what VoiceXML is about, you can check out in addition to this tutorial.)

For those of us who enjoy working in XML, there are some rather powerful dialog-driven applications you can create using VXML. Stay tuned for more!

Using Git Submodules (to build a USB key distro, in this case)

As noted previously, I’m a huge fan of git and an avid user of Github. Given that, I appreciate learning new ways to do cool things with git. Here was a new one to me – using git “submodules” to build a package consisting of other git repositories. In this case, Adam Kalsey wrote about how he used the “git submodule” command to package up a number of different components for a USB key drive.

The key point is: each of the components remains in its OWN git repository – yet the overall “package” is ALSO under git revision control.

This is cool to me as I’ve wanted to do something similar in the past – I’ve now added “git submodule” to my internal “git toolbox” list. Looking forward to trying it out at some point.